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temperature Aspen Creek Heating Denver

Finding the best way to cool a mobile home

Mobile homes are often split up into many small rooms, and they may also have narrow windows. This makes portable AC units and evaporative coolers undesirable. Central Air A manufactured house usually comes with ducts for a furnace. Consequently, it’s comparatively easy to cool the entire building by installing central AC. Heat Pump An air-source…
water heater repairs

Have you paid enough attention to your water heater?

There are a range of signs – some more obvious than others – that your water heater isn’t functioning at its best. Obviously, any type of leak needs to be quickly dealt with by licensed professionals; but here are some other signs to watch out for: Water not as hot as you expect it to…
Furnace repair services Denver

Summer – a great time for a furnace tune-up!

Hot days and warm nights: we’ve settled nicely into summer. Who wants to think about next winter? Well, our Aspen Creek team for one! Simply to remind everyone that this is a great time for that furnace service; then you’re ready for when autumn does sneak up on us once again. An annual inspection of…
AC service

Why is your A/C unit freezing up?

Your A/C unit may be freezing up for a variety of reasons, but the most common issues are drainage problems and faulty thermostats. While in the process of cooling, the water vapor inside the unit condenses into a liquid, then it is supposed to drain outside. If the coils are frozen, the ice causes the…
air conditioning installation Broomfield

Keep cool on those hot summer days!

Summer can get pretty hot in the Denver area, especially with the warmth of the sun. If you’re looking to stay cool on even the hottest, driest days, try these helpful hints! Wear light, loose clothing when spending time outdoors Don a wide-brimmed hat that protects you from the sun’s rays Stay hydrated! Keep your…
High capacity furnace filter

How often should I change my AC’s air filter?

Air filters are an important tool in maintaining the health of your air conditioner. The air filter works by trapping dust and other particles, protecting both the AC unit and the air quality in your home. When should you change your air filter? Well, that’s a tricky question. It depends on many factors including what…
Stinky Air Smells

How To Deal With A Smelly Air Conditioner

It’s a scorching hot day and you seek cool relief with the help of your beloved air conditioner. You turn it on… and WHOOSH! You’re instantly hit by a stench most foul. Now you have a difficult choice to make: either keep the AC on and deal with the smell OR shut it down and…
New Air Conditioner installer

3 things to consider when buying a new AC

Buying an air conditioner is one of the most significant decisions you can make for your house. A good AC should keep your home fresh and also avoid high HVAC repair costs. Here are three things to consider when buying a new AC: Capacity Before buying an AC, consider the size of the room that…
Dog hot in the summer

Stay cool on a budget

Some electronics use energy even when turned off, so unplugging electronics when no one is home is the best way to ensure there are no energy leaks from turned off equipment. Another good way to stay cool on a budget is to close blinds, curtains, shades, or storm windows during the day to keep sunlight…
Whole home humidifier installation

A solution to high humidity for your home

Given the amount of time people spend at home, everyone deserves to be comfortable. However, finding the right humidity has become a persistent challenge propagated by unavailability, improper HVAC installation, or a malfunctioning air conditioning system. High humidity encourages biological growths which damage ceilings, carpeting, and can cause asthma. Are you experiencing the same problems…