High capacity furnace filter

How pure is the air in your lovely warm home?

As winter arrives in Colorado, we know that it’s great to be warm and snug inside your home. Outside the wild winds may blast and the snow may fall, but inside you can stay toasty warm. However, this can also mean that the air might turn a little musty, and that pet dander, dust and…
New furnace installation

What exactly is a seasonal furnace startup service?

If you’re like most people who live in hot areas, you probably haven’t used your furnace all summer. However, as winter settles in, it’s time to have your heating system running again. But, before starting your furnace, it’s vital to schedule a seasonal startup service to perform a series of checks, depending on the heating…
Tankless waterheater by navien

Do you prefer a tanked water heater?

If it’s time to replace your old water heater, then we know many people go for a new tankless model. However, others still like to stick to a tanked supply. Here are key reasons for this: It is easier to install than a tankless unit and at a lower initial outlay Tanked water systems are…