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HVAC noises to not ignore

The cold weather is here, and it’s time to warm up a chilly house. You turn on the thermostat and wonder, why is my furnace making a loud noise? Aspen Creek Heating and Air is here with some great advice on what could potentially be causing a noisy furnace, as well as what is normal…
Whole home humidifier installation

Adding a whole-home humidifier to your HVAC system

As spring makes its way into Colorado, with summer heat to follow, it’s that time of year where we start to recognize that our state’s low humidity climate can make many residents uncomfortable in their own homes. This can be due to sinus problems, or the effect of very dry skin. This is why many…
Furnace Air filter

Indoor air quality matters

Poor indoor air quality and air pollution can cause allergies and other health conditions such as asthma. Some of the common pollutants that contribute to indoor air pollution include dust, gas, mold, and mildew growth and pet hairs. Unfortunately, these contaminants can affect how your HVAC system functions and cause it to wear down. Luckily,…