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With the help of Aspen Creek Heating & Air, you can transform your space with HVAC add-ons like a whole-home humidifier, air purification system or programmable thermostat. We want you to have a system that works for your unique needs, providing comfort and efficiency no matter how hot or cold the weather gets outside. Looking for a ductless split system, attic fan or hydronic air handler? Aspen Creek gives you full access to a variety of HVAC add-ons and all the latest innovations.

Whether you live in Denver, Boulder or somewhere in between, our professionals are available to help you choose the right components, install your entire system, as well as provide both maintenance and repairs if needed. Get in touch today.

Aspen Creek Heating & Air’s Top 3 Comfort Services We Provide To Our Customers:

In serving countless customers over the years, we’ve come to understand exactly what they want and need from their residential or commercial heating and air conditioning systems. Here are our three most requested HVAC add-ons.

  1. Air Purification Systems – While better home insulation and energy-efficient windows have a number of advantages, they also trap dust, pet dander and other allergy-inducing irritants. With a whole-home air cleaner, you can drastically improve indoor air quality, which benefits your health and allows your HVAC system to run more efficiently.
  2. Whole-Home Humidifiers – Dry skin to sinus problems, because of the effects that come with Colorado’s low humidity climate, we get numerous requests for whole-home humidifiers. Integrated with your HVAC system, this add-on provides relief from skin and respiratory issues while adding warmth and comfort. It can even help save you money on your heating bill.
  3. Programmable Thermostats – With complete control of your HVAC system, you have the ability to reduce your energy use and potentially save on utility costs. Control times, temperatures and zones based on when you’re at home, at work or sleeping. Step it up with a smart thermostat that can learn your usage patterns and be controlled via smartphone, even when you’re away.

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