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Choosing a heating unit for your home is vital. That’s why Aspen Creek Heating & Air provides options like Heat Pumps and Boilers. If you want to look beyond furnaces, our experienced professionals will show you the way. We’ll make sure you understand the pros and cons of each system and make the right choice for the needs of your Denver or Boulder home. If you go with a boiler or heat pump, Aspen Creek will install it properly, as well as provide ongoing maintenance and any repairs you might need.

Get to Know Boilers

When thinking of boilers, you might conjure images of an antiquated, oversized machine crowding up a basement. However, many modern-day boilers are far more compact and efficient. If you don’t know your boiler basics, let’s break it all down for you.

As its name implies, a boiler heats water which is sent through pipes to radiators, baseboards and even radiant floor heaters throughout your house, producing warmth in each space. Boilers are commonly fueled by oil or natural gas, making it important to have our experts assess your home and recommend the most efficient boiler unit for the square footage. This will prevent overpaying to fuel your boiler.

So, What’s a Heat Pump?

Heat pumps are powered by electricity and can be used to increase or decrease temperatures in your home without creating any heat of its own. This type of system moves warm air from one room to another, depending on whether you need it or not. It can bring outside heat in during the winter and remove heat from your home during summer. While it’s more suited for less extreme climates than Colorado, we would be more than happy to discuss this option with you.

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