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If you’re interested in economical and energy-efficient evaporative and swamp coolers, Aspen Creek Heating & Air can set you up with the right unit for optimal climate control. We offer all the major brands and all the top models, so you’ll have plenty of options to choose from for your home or commercial space. Of course, when you come to Aspen Creek, we’ll not only provide a high-quality evaporative and swamp cooler but expert installation, service and repair.

How Do Swamp & Evaporative Coolers Work?

These simple devices use one motor to circulate water from the floor of the unit to the top where it rains down and saturates filtered pads. Another motor powers a fan that draws warm air into the cooler and pushes it through the wet pads where its temperature drops due to evaporation. This chilled air is then blown out of the unit and circulated across your home.

3 Reasons to Choose Swamp & Evaporative Coolers

Beyond cooling down your home when the temperatures go up outside, swamp coolers come with a variety of other benefits. Here are three of them.

  1. Combats Colorado’s Dry Air – Our high altitude and dry air can be uncomfortable at times, even trigger allergies and asthma. A swamp cooler adds moisture back into your environment, helping prevent dry eyes and skin, chapped lips and stuffy noses.
  2. Lower Costs, Less Maintenance – Compared to a standard air conditioning unit, swamp coolers typically cost less to install, operate and maintain. They also use less energy which provides the potential to keep your home cool without drastically increased utility costs.
  3. Cool, Quiet Fresh Air – While standard AC units simply circulate the air that’s already in your home, an evaporative cooler pulls fresh air in from the outside. This is accomplished using small motors and fans that produce far less noise pollution.

To learn more about evaporative and swamp coolers, get in touch. We’ll help you decide on the right make and model for a cooler house in warmer weather.

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